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Marejadas (Swells) is an independent fourmonthly publication.
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The Swells Universal Celebration Day 2014 has been more touching and busy than ever… and we expected it to be quite.
As usual, the event passed as a sea cruise. This time we went beyond the horizon, up to the East China Sea.

Mar Capitán, as the Captain and her crew talked about Marejadas journal, the recent topics covered, our writers and some other topics. When we “got” to Shanghai, we took Xin Yu, the painter whom we honored this year. She applies painting techniques as a therapy for mental ill birth people. She’s also a Chinese teacher.
Some people who attended Swells Day Celebration, 2014
The two words that can define the Swells Universal Celebration Day are “touching” and “success”.

“Touching”, because we were all touched a few times during the act. “Success”, because the deck of our “boat” was full of people up top and everybody had a nice time.
Thanks a lot to the Rioja Center for all the attentions they had with us and to Jorge Jiménez, the pilot who introduced us in the origin and meaning of some of the words on the script.
The event ran like a “literary cruise” through the etymologies. Mar Capitán, as the captain of the imaginary ship and representing the direction of Swells, welcomed the public-passengers and explained why the journal is cultural and independent. After it, she talked about the recent topics, some of our writers, and some of the cultural characters and places reviewed in the journal. Then, she thanked the Selection Committee of the journal, as they’re very important to choose nominees to the Swells Price.
St. Isidore was named our protector and María Teresa de Miguel Reboles received the Illustrious Price. María Teresa has written several books and is a teacher of Spanish language, among other things.
At the end of the act, Mar recited the poem “The End”, after which there was a standing ovation.

Some of the public attending Swells Celebration Day, 2013
SWELLS - EDITION 33: The fifties - Fifty years ago
Some of our readers were born in the fifties of the last century, other ones, fifty years ago (more or less). Therefore, we thought that these years could be the main subject of this edition. The oldest ones will remember well that time, and the youngest ones will learn a bit more about what happened, about the changes that started in this period. In Spain, it was a time when people started to think different, mainly because of the influence of the media. Television began to come in our homes showing other countries cultures and customs, above all from the USA. 

Swells Day Celebration, 2012
Goodbye, goodbye, Swellers*.
We return to our mourning professions and trades obligations.
Goodbye! May the great ocean keep you far away
from the sterile harshness of life!
It’s about time to hate loneliness.
Swellers: hide the old keys
under the skeletons
that will reproach us, even when they become dust,
the brevity of this cruise
on an April evening.
We come back. And this lavished and lost goodbye
is just another goodbye,
it’s a goodbye without more solemnity than that which remains here:
The motionless indifference at sea,
one hundred friends’ eyes looking inwards
and towards the horizon eternity.
I hand you
this bound
of laughter and flattery.
And goodbye.
See you later,
even sooner.
See you when everything
and is a song.

Mar Capitán

(Based on two poems by Pablo Neruda).
*Swellers= Swells journal readers.